Welcome! We are a group of taverns, agritourisms and wineries situated along an old road joining Tarcento and Nimis, called “Borgo Clotz“.

Since 2010, every year on the 1st of May we organize an event centered on wine and food: we open our cellars and taverns doors and welcome our guests to taste and get acquainted with our most precious wine, the Ramandolo, a real Friulan oenology jewel, accompanied with tastings and dishes coming from our tradition or specialties from other parts of Italy.

Borgo Clotz is one of the first steep roads you find coming north from Friulian plain; as it climbs the Mount Bernadia it gains a more and more wide panorama, reaching the Adriatic Sea, and this frames wineries and vineyards where we grow our unique kind of grapes from witch we obtain the “Ramandolo” wine, one of the oldest and the most elevated of Friulian DOCG areas (Registered and Certified Designation of Origin, the utmost quality guarantee in Italy).

Important starting point for gastronomic excursions and hiking since the last century, in the last decades new wineries have been opened, each one with its unique style and unique wines.

This year we’re hosting the 9th edition of our manifestation, and we would like to welcome our guests and let them come to know our restaurants, bars and products.


Rediscovering Historical Taverns